Monday, August 27, 2007

Reclaimed wood – Enhance your home with the style of reclaimed wood in your next furniture piece.

The unique beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is now more widely available than ever.

Reclaimed wood furniture has long been available for a variety of construction applications. However, the unique style and beauty that reclaimed wood can add to a piece of furniture is often overlooked. Wood that has been salvaged from places such as barns, houses, or various post-consumer items not only adds an aged , 'vintage', look to a piece of furniture, but is also environmentally friendly.

Do it green, a blog, mentions that many companies now use three specific terms to classify their woods.

  • Antique wood: Wood originally harvested over 100 years ago, also known as “Old Growth wood”. This wood was originally used in gristmills and barns. Reclaimed wood taken from this source will be sturdy, beautiful, and ancient. Remember, reuse is good use!

  • Reclaimed or Recycled wood: made from wood over 100 years old, or reclaimed from structures over 50 years old. This probably isn't as aged as the Antique wood, and anything from an external structure will be heavily weathered.

  • Vintage wood: Wood that is less than 50 years old, and has been salvaged from scrap wood. If you are environmentally conscious, this is probably the lest friendly choice (however, it is still -far- better than purchasing new wood). This wood may well have been thrown away or burned otherwise.

These are simply the terms that some companies use. There are many wonderful manufacturers out there that create furniture from reclaimed wood, and they may not all be the same. Just remember to choose the type, and style, that you want, and you'll find yourself the proud owner of a beautiful, unique, and environmentally friendly piece that is full of rich history and heritage.

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